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Reliance has extensive experience in sampling, analysis and evaluation of groundwater monitoring data.

Reliance Laboratories, Inc. is a full service independent environmental laboratory offering services since 1977 to north central West Virginia from its Bridgeport location and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia from its Martinsburg location.

Reliance provides environmental services to government-regulatory entities, commercial and domestic clientele, including water and wastewater treatment operations facilities, utilities, hazardous waste management companies, UST contractors, engineering and legal firms, landfills, metal finishers, oil & gas - exploration concerns, mining companies, manufacturing and agricultural entities.

We maintain a staff of professional chemists, biologists and environmental scientists whose experience and background promote high quality environmental reporting. The staff of Reliance possess technical capability and experience in environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, geology, microbiology, mathematics and statistics. Reliance provides environmental sampling and analyses for inorganic-organic compounds, and microbiological constituents essential for compliance with the USEPA, NPDES program, RCRA program, Safe Drinking Water Act as well as many research based and voluntary monitoring programs.

Reliance maintains two separate laboratory facilities each of which are certified by the State of West Virginia for chemistry and microbiology under the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health and Human Services. The laboratory utilizes modern analytical instrumentation including Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Ion Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, and GC/Mass Spectrometry which promotes precise, accurate and reliable data reporting.


Reliance has extensive experience in sampling, analysis and evaluation of groundwater monitoring data. For the past twelve years, the laboratory has provided environmental services to:

Historically, Reliance has provided contractual environmental sampling and analytical services to the WV LCAP program and is now the current contractor for all LCAP monitoring in the state. Relative to this program and commercial clientele, the laboratory has performed statistical procedures appropriate for the evaluation of groundwater monitoring data. Statistical computer software utilized for these purposes include Grits/Stat, Shewhart-CUSUM and currently ChemStat. Reliance maintains a solid technical background in statistical profiling necessary to insure the validity of groundwater.

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Reliance Laboratories, Inc.

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